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Saudi Arabia

Tough security on southern border to stop intruders

Saudi Arabia announced yesterday it would deport all Yemeni intruders as well as other undocumented foreigners and would ban their re-entry into the Kingdom.
“Security of the Kingdom and its citizens is a red line nobody will be allowed to violate or cross,” said Asir Gov. Prince Faisal bin Khaled, urging citizens to cooperate with security officers to flush out illegals.
Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki, spokesman of the Interior Ministry, said border guards prevented more than 1,000 intruders from entering the Kingdom through the southern border. “An average of 180 intruders are arrested in the Asir region alone,” he said.
He said a high-level security committee has been formed to deal with the issue of intruders, on the directive of Interior Minister Prince Muhammad bin Naif. “The committee began its mission today,” the spokesman said, adding that it reviewed the security situation in the region. The committee is in contact with security leaders in the region to monitor latest developments.
“Security presence along the border has been intensified to prevent intruders. But there are some difficult terrains which people use to enter the Kingdom illegally.” Al-Turki urged Saudis to inform police about illegal residents and those who assist and transport intruders.
The Passport Department said they have deported about 575,000 illegals last year, mostly Yemenis after conducting nationwide campaigns to track them down.

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