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Saudi-Bahrain pipeline project work on target

Abdul-Jabbar Abdul-Kareem, general manager for mega engineering projects at the Bahrain Petroleum Company BSC (Bapco), has affirmed that feasibility studies, predesign, and technical designing of the pipeline project between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have been completed and detailed engineering stage would start as early as the first quarter of 2013 at an estimated cost of $ 350 million.
Abdul-Kareem told Bahraini newspaper Al-Watan that Bapco has almost completed its ambitious 10-year strategic investment program for modernization of Bapco refinery at a total cost of more than $ 1.2 billion.
He said Bapco applies Chevron's plan for developing and implementing operations under the technical services agreement signed with Chevron for the purpose of applying this plan as the main technique to develop, modernize the Bapco refinery program. Chevron's plan comprises five major stages, which focus on steps to implement the project from the alpha to the omega, including three initial stages that are connected with the launching of the project's implementation process.
The plan has now ushered into the second phase of its implementation. The fourth phase of Chevron's plan pertaining to implementation aims to construct the project through specific phases so as to strengthen aspects of financing and optimum utilization of resources. Initial construction operations are expected to start by 2017 so that the final construction jobs will be finished by 2020.

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