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Saudi designer dresses Snoop Dogg for Dubai performance

American rapper Snoop Dogg recently performed at the Dubai Meydan Racecourse on New Year’s Eve wearing a stylish thobe by Saudi fashion designer Hatem Al-Akeel.

This was the second appearance of the rapper in the UAE after his concert in Abu Dhabi in May 2011 where he surprised everyone by wearing a traditional Emirati Kandoura.

It all happened when Al-Akeel collaborated with famous stylist Darek Khan and showcased his latest collection. “The stylist chose the tuxedo thobe and if you look at the performance you will see that Snoop Dogg wore the thobe throughout the performance,” said Al-Akeel. “In addition to that, all other performers who were with him on stage wore my Toby Peace bracelet. He wanted to make sure that they spread the message of peace in the Middle East, which is what the bracelet is all about,” he added.
According to Al-Akeel, Snoop has a large Muslim fanbase and he recognizes that. “This is not just about religion or politics, it’s about fashion which is a universal language through which people can express their individuality,” he said. “The cool thing about Snoop Dogg is that he showed respect to the Middle Eastern culture and tradition and has at times opened people’s minds towards Islam as well,” he added.