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The Saudi Falcons hit the road for Dubai 24hrs GT3 challenge today

Saudi Arabia’s motorsports team The Saudi Falcons led by Red Bull athlete Prince Abdulaziz Turki Al-Faisal (ATF) will be contesting in the 8th edition of the Dunlop 24hrs race at the Dubai Autodrome today.
ATF who will be leading on both legs of the race, will have members Dirk Adorf, Dominik Baumann, and Dominik Schwager on the first team; and Faisal Bin Laden, Dirk Müller, Jo0rg Müller, and Claudia Hürtgen on the second, completing the long and arduous racing challenge for 24 hours against a total of 82 teams from 18 countries with drivers from 41 different nationalities and 25 leading car brands.
The Saudi Falcons look readied in form and fixture to win the title having exhibited a spirit of preparation and success both physically and mentally in the last GT3 race and are hoping to claim victory in Dunlop 24hrs Dubai — one of the most difficult and intensely challenging motor sport races in the Middle East, organized by Dutch agency CREVENTIC in co-operation with DNRT and the Dubai Autodrome Motorsports Club.
ATF who clinched second place back in 2009, and third in 2010, is ready to tackle competitors driving a BMW Z4 GT3 powered by a V8 4.4 liter engine that generates 515 horse power at 8200 RPM, giving it absolute power in acceleration.
“Dubai 24 Hours race comes as an opportunity to increase our success in different races, gain more experience for me and the team, and make our country proud yet again. The race holds lot of opportunities too since we will be facing tough competition from international and well known names in the sport. We are aiming for the win and alongside every single member of the team we will work hard to succeed,” stated Al-Turki during preparations.
An optimistic Bin Laden is expecting to regain form in his game after a long stint away from the sport, saying, “I will work hard to make the best out of it. We all know how important and difficult the participation is especially with the presence of 85 teams and a big number of car manufacturers. We hope that we can rise up to the occasion and with God’s will claim the title at the beginning of the New Year.”