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Saudi imam to lead Taraweeh prayers in Malaysia

DUBAI: Tourism officials in Malaysia plan to appoint a famous imam from Saudi Arabia to lead Taraweeh prayers in Kuala Lumpur during this Ramadan, top Tourism Malaysia officials told Arab News in an interview.
“Saudi Arabia is an important market for us and we are planning to make several special arrangements for our guests from GCC during this Ramadan” Zulkifly M. Saed, director of international marketing division, Tourism Malaysia, told Arab News.
“We want to further strengthen Malaysia's presence in the Saudi market, hence, Tourism Malaysia is participating at Riyadh Travel Fair that started on May 15 and will continue till May 18,” he added.
“During this Ramadan, a famous imam from Saudi Arabia will be leading Taraweeh prayers in Kuala Lumpur. We are working on it to materialize the project successfully,” he added.
“Every year we provide special Iftar, Suhoor and make special prayer arrangements at the hotels. During this Ramadan, it will be at an extensive range” he said.
“Appointing an imam from Saudi Arabia to lead Taraweeh prayers will be more helpful for our guests from the region” Ahmad Yahaya Al Jahsyi, overseas director, Tourism Council, KSA, Levant, Yemen and North Africa, told Arab News.
“In addition, we will be making arrangements for special tents where guests and their family members can stay till midnight enjoying with the full charm of their traditional food and Shisha,” he added.
“Our participation at Riyadh Travel Fair will help us popularize our products among our Saudi guests,” he added
“We are getting a number of inquiries from different clients” says Tuan Razali, director of Tourism Malaysia, Dubai. During this recently concluded Arabian Travel Market in Dubai, we had received a good number of serious inquiries on our second home program and medical tourism.
“ Currently, anyone can buy free hold property at different parts of Malaysia” he added.
Zulkifly M. Saed told Arab News that Malaysia is going to focus more on East Malaysia, Saba and the Borneo area next year.


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