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Saudi Arabia

Saudi museum owners visit UAE

A group of 30 private museum owners has traveled to the United Arab Emirates this week to get acquainted with the experiences of Dubai and Sharjah in the field of heritage museums.
The visit is the outcome of the first Private Museum Owners Forum that was held in Riyadh in May 2011, which recommended benefiting from other countries’ experiences in improving performance and achieving safety. By organizing the trip, the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) aims to have the owners acquainted with pioneer experiences of heritage museums in the UAE and find ways to develop ones in Saudi Arabia. It also aims for the owners to see the value of tourism development and of maintaining urban heritage.
The trip also shows owners the best ways for showcasing, documenting and preserving antiques, as well as the use of modern technology and the Internet in museums and in promoting urban heritage.
The trip’s schedule includes visits to Islamic, heritage, marine, and scientific museums.
The SCTA has been supporting private museums by granting free licenses and working on improving museums’ standards.
Current SCTA services to museums consist of promotion, restoration of antiques when required, setting up of museums in touristic places, and helping owners to develop their exhibitions via special programs.

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