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Saudi Arabia

Saudia to verify credit cards

Saudia started implementing a credit card verification system for ticket purchase, beginning Dec. 1 in order to prevent fraudulent practices, Abdullah Al-Ajhar, executive vice president of public relations, said, adding that many airlines have already introduced the system following complaints about credit card fraud.
Passengers should show their credit cards used for purchasing tickets at check-in counters of airports or the nearest Saudia office to verify them. “We have introduced this system to protect the interests and rights of passengers and credit card owners as well as the rights of Saudia,” Al-Ajhar said.
He said airline companies have noticed increasing incidents of credit card fraud while making electronic purchases including tickets. “This has forced airline companies to apply systems that would prevent misuse of credit cards by people who are not their owners, for travel purposes,” he explained.
Al-Ajhar said individuals who used their credit cards to purchase tickets should be present at the airport or at Saudia office to show their original cards, even if they do not travel with their family members, to make sure their cards were not misused by others to purchase tickets. “We have introduced this system because it is the only way to protect the rights of passengers and Saudia,” the official said.

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