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The Ministry of Health will seek the assistance of international pharmaceutical companies and research institutions to produce an effective drug to fight against the coronavirus (MERS-CoV), which has...
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Scholarship schemes widen prospects for talented youngsters

Higher Education Minister Khaled Al-Anqari has urged Saudi students to take advantage of a wide range of academic opportunities being offered by the Kingdom.

Innovative learning techniques in focus

An international conference on higher education, featuring a range of collaborative and networking opportunities, opens its gates for visitors today.

Pakistani dies on Saudia flight

An elderly Pakistani passenger died on board a Saudi Airlines flight bound for Karachi after leaving Jeddah on Monday.

No mahram? No shisha

Restaurants and coffee shops in Jeddah have put up signs saying women should have “mahrams” (male guardians) to order shisha, and anyone who orders a shisha should be above 18 as per th

Schools allay MERS fears

Health Minister Abdullah Al-Rabeeah visited a number of hospitals in Jeddah on Saturday to take stock of the measures to tackle the coronavirus that has caused alarm among Saudis and expatriates and t

Death-row maid: Indonesia asks family for pardon

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has sent a letter to the family of a Saudi employer who was murdered by his Indonesian maid asking for pardon.

63 new hospitals to improve patient care

A senior official at the Ministry of Health said Sunday that 63 new hospitals will be constructed in the next five years, increasing the number of beds nationwide to 68,000 from the existing 38,000.

Motorists warned against ‘mid-street chats’

Mid-street chatting motorists who block the flow of traffic face stringent penalty.

Separate ministry for women demanded

The Shoura Council is considering a proposal to launch a high council for women, or a separate ministry for women, according to Thuraya Arrayed, a Shoura member.

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