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Saudi Arabia

School health move involves 5,000 staff

The Cabinet decision to move health units of schools from the jurisdiction of the Ministry Education to that of Health will involve 5,000 doctors, nurses and administrators.
But it is expected that all assets and equipment will remain the property of the Ministry of Education.
The number of health units in schools is 260, of which 170 are in boys’ schools. The Cabinet approved this week a number of procedures relating to this sector, after the recommendation of the Supreme Committee for the Administrative Organization to transfer the general administration of school health units, and those of the ministry of education, to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health.
This latter’s divisions and departments will introduce health services throughout the Kingdom. A special unit will still remain at the premises of the Ministry of Education, and in the directorates of education in the regions and districts of the Kingdom, which will be tasked with the coordination and educational aspects of health areas. The decision defined the tasks of the Ministry of Education in this field. These will be restricted to physical and health education, fitness and health promotion, environmental sanitation, nutrition, occupational health of workers, presenting first aid and psychological health.

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