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SEHAI honored for Saudization role

SEHAI has won top honors for encouraging Saudization activities. It has been named as one of the excellent institutions.
The event took place in the presence of Labor Minister Adel Fakeih, Abdulrahman Al-Jeraisy, chairman of the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Shinsuke Kitagawa, director-general for policy coordination, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan and guests.
Fahad Al-Harbi, director of Sehai, received a plaque from the minister at the ceremony at the chamber’s ceremony hall.
Kitagawa thanked the Saudi government for its continuous support for SEHAI and Al-Faqeef said Japan is the strategic partner for Saudi Arabia and SEHAI represents the bilateral and reciprocal project for both countries.
Al-Jeraisy said SEHAI was set up in 2009 as one of the Japan-Saudi Arabia industrial cooperation task force projects.
The award ceremony was successful for SEHAI as it was recognized by Saudi government that Japan’s positive approach to develop Saudi human resources was in the right track.
In September 2012, second batch of students (nearly 100) will graduate from SEHAI and return to their companies to start their work.
They have gained English skills, technical experiences and Japanese-style work ethics.

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