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Promising team

Last Friday, the Gulf Cup ended with a new champion — UAE. The new champion is a very promising team with a lineup almost the same as the one that competed in the last youth World Cup. Those young men with their local coach worked very hard and have reaped the fruits of their labor. Actually the two Gulf Cup finalists were very focused and motivated but at the end of the day, only one will emerge as the champion.
Now about our local competitions, the league will continue tomorrow and we are expected to have a hot week. Two matches that were postponed were finally held last Monday and Ahli beat Nasr while Fateh beat Ra'aed to make a five- point-lead on their runner up Hilal, which is obviously lost with its very poor management and coach.
On the other hand, teams like Ahli, Ittihad, Shabab and Nasr may have their chances to do well in the league but not reach the championship. The best they can hope for is either the King's Cup or Crown Prince Cup.
I think the most important match in this coming round is Ittifaq against Hilal. Hilal will need to win to keep the five-point difference if they still want the title. If you ask me, I doubt that. Fateh, this year reminds me of UAE which is very much focused on its goal. Fateh's chance of winning the league is increasing now to about 75 percent. I'd give the rest to other teams not specifically Hilal.