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Students awarded for health campaign

The Ministry of Health in Jeddah awarded three students of different Arabic schools for their hard work in spreading awareness on health issues.
Volunteers Yousef Lanjawi, Mohammed Shawli and Faisal Al-Subaie said they were very happy that the ministry recognized their efforts.
“We were involved in volunteer work for the past 14 months. Sami Badawood, health affairs director in Jeddah, awarded us for our work on the awareness campaign about diabetes and passive smoking. These subjects were our school graduation projects, so we involved ourselves actively to spread awareness in the community,” said Shawli.
“We made different presentations to educate the community about the harmful effects of passive smoking. The habit is not only harmful for smokers but also for the people around them,” said Yousef Lanjawi.
The students felt proud to be part of a health awareness campaign. “As volunteers we learnt a lot. We became part of the community and provided a good service to the country and nation. We acquired practical experience and benefited society instead of wasting time,” said Lanjawi.
Lanjawi also said that Saudi society really needed to raise awareness of health issues, as prevention is better than cure.
“During our campaign we learnt that many people want information to help them get rid of their problems and various diseases. It’s our responsibility to spread awareness as much as we can on all health issues,” he added.
Faisal Al-Subaie said the young generation and students should actively participate in volunteer work to serve the community. He advised others to put all their efforts in raising awareness on health and social issues.
The students said that they wanted to continue their volunteer work even after they joined Boston University. To this end, they put some of their presentations on health issues on YouTube.

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