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Saudi Arabia

Students promote sustainable development in Jazan

Students at Jazan University in Al-Aridah organized this week a project to promote sustainable development, which aims to plant around a thousand trees in the city.
The Faculty of Arts and Sciences for girls, in cooperation with the municipality, organized the environmental reforestation project under a campaign titled 'Preserving the Environment and Promoting Sustainable Development.'
The campaign launched with around 30 students planting seedlings in Btahan roundabout. With the slogan 'Hands on Hands We Plant a Tree,' the project aims to beautify the city by preserving the environment and expanding green spaces.
A thousand trees are also to be planted in the city. The faculty encouraged residents to plant trees at the entrances to villages, next to schools and government departments in order to reduce pollution. The planting will also contribute to increasing green spaces around the city. The campaign will promote and developing the idea of cultural landscapes among community members, highlighting its benefits in improving the environment. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen as well as reduce the severity of strong winds, and prevent desertification.

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