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Saudi Arabia

Tabuk police nab robbers dubbed 'YouTube Gang'

Tabuk Police arrested several people who were involved in a number of robberies in the city.
The detainees known as the 'YouTube Gang', because of a video posted to Youtube showing their crimes and circulated in social networking sites, were involved in stealing goods worth SR 100,000 from an electronics store in Tabuk a week ago besides various other robberies.
"The leaking and distribution of the video online has helped in the escape of one of the suspects and delayed his arrest as he went into hiding, though the other defendant has been arrested shortly after the robbery was committed," said Director of Tabuk police Brig. Matouk Al-Zahrani.
Sources revealed that the fugitive suspect was nabbed during an ambush carried by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) patrols after a firefight with law enforcement officers.
Spokesman for Tabuk police Maj. Khalid Al-Ghabban said that CID agents recovered the stolen items.
"The detainees confessed during the primary interrogation on the robbery and other similar cases." said Al-Ghabban.

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