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Ramzy Baroud has been writing about the Middle East for over 20 years. He is an internationally syndicated columnist, a media consultant, an author of several books, and the founder of

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Palestinians can use flawed US deal to their advantage

Donald Trump’s “deal of the century” will fail. This is because Palestinians will not exchange their 70-year-long struggle for freedom for US cash; nor will Israel accept it, even if there is a demilitarized Palestinian state in the West Bank.

July 02, 2018

End the wars to halt the refugee crisis

Europe is facing the most significant refugee crisis since the Second World War. All attempts at resolving the issue have failed, mostly because they have ignored the root causes of the problem. 

June 18, 2018

Palestinians need urgent protection from Israel and the US veto

What is taking place in Palestine is not a “conflict.” We readily utilize the term but, in fact, it is misleading. It equates oppressed Palestinians with Israel, a military power that stands in violation of numerous United Nations resolutions.

June 11, 2018

My family’s home is and always will be Beit Daras

When Google Earth was initially released in 2001, I immediately rushed to locate a village that no longer exists on a map and which now delineates a whole different reality.

May 14, 2018

Palestinians only want to fight for freedom, not factionalism

The Gaza border protests must be understood in the context of the Israeli occupation, the siege and the long-delayed “right of return” for Palestinian refugees. However, they should also be appreciated in a parallel context: Palestine’s own factionalism and infighting.

May 07, 2018

Palestinians must ensure Gaza border victims’ blood is not spilled in vain

Three more Palestinians were killed and 611 wounded last Friday, when tens of thousands of Gazans continued their largely non-violent protests at the Gaza-Israel border.

May 01, 2018