Ray Hanania

Ray Hanania is an award-winning Palestinian American columnist.

Twitter: @rayhanania

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Criticizing Israel a costly move for US politicians

While the FBI has been investigating allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign team and Russian spies to undermine the integrity of the November 2016 presidential election, don’t expect it to expand the probe into the role played by pro-Israel actors.

October 10, 2018

Silver lining in UNRWA losing American support

Some people think that the 1948 Arab-Israeli war ended. It didn’t. Although the Arab world has become feeble and weak, Israel has grown into a greater monster than it ever threatened to be when it expelled hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.

September 10, 2018

Arab world should help Venezuela in its time of crisis


I am sure most people in the Arab world today are not thinking about Venezuela; but they should be. The Arab world owes Venezuela not only its moral support but its economic support too.

August 22, 2018

Palestinians must look beyond anti-Trump anger

Nearly two years into President Donald Trump’s term in office, it should be clear to everyone that he is here to stay. And, given the disarray in the leadership of his Democratic critics, he might even get a second term in 2020.

August 08, 2018