Zaid M. Belbagi

Zaid M. Belbagi is a political commentator, and an adviser to private clients between London and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Twitter: @Moulay_Zaid

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Europe cannot afford diplomatic confrontation with the US

The US has been a key player in the inception and containment of Iran’s nuclear development. In the 1950s, Iran’s nuclear program was launched with the help of the US as part of the Atoms for Peace program. This continued until Iran’s revolution of 1979.

May 18, 2018

Putin may never change but he must be contained

The largest expulsion of Russian intelligence officers in history should not surprise observers.

April 05, 2018

Time to update missile defense systems

The increased capabilities of non-state actors are of growing concern to conventional military forces. Given the Middle East’s own particular security complex, the changing nature of conflict is bringing long-standing military equipment under scrutiny.

March 29, 2018

Congo slipping back toward civil war

As Joseph Kabila plays video games in Kinshasa surrounded by the only functioning military entity in the Congo, the Presidential Guard, the people grow weary of his pretexts for remaining in power. Having taken over following the assassination of his father Laurent-Désiré in 2001, the president c

March 22, 2018

UK must commit to Canada-US model in Brexit talks

The overarching objective for Theresa May’s patchwork government of Remainers, Leavers and Northern Irish Unionists is reaching the best possible terms for the UK’s upcoming withdrawal from the European Union. With increasingly defined parameters from No.

March 15, 2018