Saudi energy experts, read my lips

Norway has oil and gas. It is their bread and butter and so is the case with Saudi Arabia. We also have oil and gas but it is not only our bread and butter, it is also our dessert.

Role Saudi women can play

Talking about Saudi Arabia, international reports and analyses usually raise the issue of Saudi women being deprived of their rights.

An evil that should be stopped now

It is time for kids to go back to their schools after their summer break. It is that time of the year when you go out with them to buy bags, new shoes and stationary supplies.

Social trust involves building connections, local and global

Modern technology is straining the boundaries of our ability and our desire to trust — in fact, it is testing those boundaries on both ends, the extreme of over-trusting and of persistent distrust.

Ebola: The next weapon of mass destruction?

Ever since the return of the deadly Ebola — a disease that snuffs out human life in the most gruesome manner — in parts of Africa last February, the world has witnessed two extreme reactions in the fo

Australia is fighting terrorism with care

The discovery that many Australians have joined the “Islamic State” (IS) terrorist enterprise has been alarming, especially in Australia itself.

Al-Abadi walks a tightrope

The task of Iraq’s new Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi of forming an inclusive government is far from being easy.

Cyberspace turning into battlefield

The US has launched a social media offensive against the Islamic State (IS) and Al-Qaeda, setting out to win the war of ideas by ridiculing the militants with a mixture of blunt language and sarcasm.<

How to run a car company

In a conference to “rising stars of the automotive industry”, Didier Leroy, CEO of Toyota Europe, gave the young audience advice on how to be successful managers.

Scorned wisdom of UK ‘Camel Corps’

Long before the execution of the US journalist, James Foley, by a presumed British militant, there was a growing perception of the UK as a pre-eminent breeding ground of extremism.

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