Politics of revenge

This is with reference to the report “Bangladesh bans FB, chat apps for security reasons” (Nov. 25).

Undue criticism

I read many letters published in this section criticizing the United States and other western nations over their alleged role in the unrest in the Middle East and the Muslim world.

Public transport

This is with reference to the report “Committee to speed up transport projects” (Nov. 25). Introduction of a comprehensive public transport system is very important for Saudi Arabia.

Treating the cause

I read with interest the article “Time to treat the cause” (Nov. 25) by Osama Al-Sharif. I fully agree with the views expressed by the writer.

Stirring anti-Saudi hysteria

Over the past year and particularly since the Paris attacks nearly two weeks ago criticism of Saudi Arabia has increased in volume for its alleged connections to Daesh.

Don’t fall into Daesh trap

The feeling that binds together people who are associated with radical terror organizations is hatred.

The arc of climate justice

It is a painful irony of climate change that those least responsible for the problem are often the most exposed to its ravages.

A giant leap toward WWIII?

Shooting down of a Russian warplane by Turkey on Tuesday could not have come at a worse time in the most volatile regions of the world.

India cozying up to Singapore

It is not for nothing that Narendra Modi has visited Singapore second time since he took over as prime minister 18 months ago.

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