Economic collapse not likely

THE rapid depreciation of the ruble, despite a dramatic — and seemingly desperate — late-night interest-rate hike by the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) last month, has raised the specter of Russia’s eco

That’s the glory of the FA Cup

My Chelsea breathing friend is in deep depression. He cannot get over the fact that after leading by two goals his team went down to lowly Bradford City who kicked in four goals.

Fighting terror

It seems that the international community needs some other approach to fight terrorism. Use of force has so far failed in yielding the desired results.

Sectarianism in Iraq

This is with reference to the report “Iraq troops watched as Shiite militiamen executed 72 Sunnis” (Jan.30).

Able leadership

I fully agree with the views expressed in the Friday Editorial (Jan. 30).

King Abdullah’s education plans stood out

I would like to express my deepest condolences to fellow citizens on the passing of our beloved King Abdullah.

Barry, Narry and the danger lying ahead

So how do you go from being an international pariah for 12 long years to becoming the best friend and partner of Uncle Sam overnight?

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