Unrealistic expectations

To understand the recent changes, we may have to re-evaluate the political and military situation in Syria.

Burden on our conscience

THE world seems full of crises and disasters: From political stasis and racial standoffs in Europe and the United States, to the classic conflicts of capitalism in “emerging” economies (inequality, we

Is RSS rocking Modi’s boat?

INDIAN Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a worried man these days — and angry too.

Climate change: The impossible deal

For “shall”, substitute “may”.

The color of darkness

There are black days in history. Opaque and beyond the pale of human understanding. We know it is not a perfect world and we are imperfect people and, therefore, we do imperfect things.

Testing times for Alzheimer’s

ALZHEIMER’S disease is by far the most common cause of dementia and one of the world’s most feared disorders.

Women driving

This is with reference to the report “Shoura Council ‘open to discuss women’s driving’” (Dec. 17). I fail to understand what is the big deal about women driving in the Kingdom.

Living in harmony

I read with great interest the article “Running around in circles” (Dec. 17) by Osama Al-Sharif. I believe that the efforts made by the United States are nothing more than a charade.

No sympathy for militants

This is with reference to the article “ Wake up Pakistan, wake up” (Dec. 17) by Syed Tausief Ausaf. Nobody in his right frame of mind could disagree with the views expressed by the writer.

Economic diversity

The call to accelerate economic diversification is very timely and appropriate. It is not only the falling oil prices that should be seen as the main threat.

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