Aramco Brats: I didn’t know

Even though I have never worked for Saudi Aramco, I have been a close follower of this company. I had to.

Official media should play greater role

I can confidently say that there is no country in the world that has carried out as many national campaigns as we did.

Understanding the true role of women in society

Witnessing two harassment incidents in two different cities of the Kingdom separated by a few days was very disturbing, but the opinions that followed the incidents deeming them rare and unique were m

Yanbu gears up to become a tourist destination

Yanbu has always had a special place in my heart. It's where my maternal grandparents were born and raised. Yanbu was their home before they left with my mother on camel for Madinah.

Freeing ME region of WMDs

Can the “breakthrough agreement” reached between Iran and P5+1 group of nations led by America herald lasting peace in the Middle-East and make the world “safer and more secure?”

Extremist settlers are not the only culprits

The Israeli terrorists who burned the 18-month old Palestinian infant Ali Daobash on Friday are not the only culprits.

Moving beyond the 2013 election

The verdict is finally out.

Let Syrians decide their future

Four years ago, the Syrian people burst into the streets in a courageous quest for a future without tyranny, corruption or repression. Sadly, their quest led them into an infernal existence.

Letter box crimes bedevil Britain

A spate of thefts targeting the bright red post boxes that have been a feature of Britain’s street corners since the 19th century have forced the postal service to fight back, with an arsenal of hi-te

Child soldiers in command position

It is a sobering thought that half the world’s 50 million refugees are children. As many as 55 percent of these refugees come from only five countries: Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Syria and Sudan.

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