A great leap forward

Next month, the world will achieve a milestone for global development efforts.

Delusional nature of Haikal’s writings

I write about Haikal, storyteller and a political thinker, who contributed to the failure of the Nasserist national project more than the foreign enemies did.

An important milestone

One third of the polling stations in Saudi Arabia’s upcoming municipal elections are now dedicated for women. The polls also mark the first time that women can run as candidates.

Modi unmoved by Muslims’ pain

Even before the botched-up talks between Indian and Pakistani security advisers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s loosening grip on the world’s second most populated nation was amply evident from the te

Indifference to others’ plight

Wars have always inflicted horrendous disaster on human psyche. Some people who get terrified by the first gunshot, bomb and reports of death gradually become insensitive to human miseries.

Whose baby Daesh really is?

Many western commentators have been raving about Barack Obama’s twin foreign policy triumphs in the last lap of his presidency. The best take came from Maureen Dowd of the New York Times.

Saudia in new Skytrax rankings

Recently, awards were given out by Skytrax, an organization focused on airline quality, to the best carriers globally.

American intelligence put to test

The surge in Donald Trump’s popularity, which has put him ahead of the pack of Republican contenders for the primary elections, tells us many things about the national mood in the US these days.

North Korea’s endgame

Negotiators from the two Koreas appear to have resolved this month’s crisis, in which South Korea’s use of loudspeakers to broadcast messages across the demilitarized zone spurred threats of war from

N-deal: It’s all about business

Do people remember the time when the United States or should I say the “Great Satan” moved one of its aircraft carriers with its task force just a few years ago to the Arabian Sea as a warning to the

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