Bright kids but poor grades

It is clear that as 2015 approaches the Saudi education system remains ill-equipped to respond to the needs of a modern Saudi family. What worked a generation ago does not work now.

Living in a world of illusions

We have been living in an illusion.

Three elections in three continents

Last Sunday was a busy day: Three elections, in three different continents, all of them offering at least the hope of better times.

Why should bigotry get to play

Racist. Sexist. Bigoted. Why is it that these three prejudices are so easily injected into the world of sport?

Modi govt ties itself in knots

The Narendra Modi government has tied itself in knots over the issue of untaxed or black money, a political issue involving illegal money that has been lingering on for years and being monitored by th

Pakistan’s volatile political scene

A new kind of crisis fraught with all kinds of eventualities — like ethnic riots possibly worse than the ones witnessed in the aftermath of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s assassination in 1984

Will the ‘third revolution’ start from Tunisia?

No one could have predicted that Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution would have had such a wide-reaching effect across North Africa and the Middle East.

Nothing Islamic about IS

A few days ago, a video released by the self-ascribed Islamic State (IS) showed an Australian teenage boy threatening western leaders.

A giant among Australians

Harnessing the power of the state in the dogged pursuit of public ideals may seem like an anachronistic notion nowadays in most western democracies, but it was something of a novelty for Australians w

Altering dynamics of Egypt’s war on terror

Egypt's war on terror took a turn for the worse last Friday when a military checkpoint in northern Sinai came under multiple attacks leaving more than 30 soldiers dead and scores wounded.

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