Kent Harrington

Kent Harrington, a former senior CIA analyst, served as National Intelligence Officer for East Asia, Chief of Station in Asia, and the CIA’s Director of Public Affairs.

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How American voters fell for Russia’s fake news

As the United States marks the first anniversary of President Donald Trump’s election, the question of how Trump won still commands attention, with Russia’s role moving increasingly to center stage.

November 10, 2017

Donald Trump’s Korea policy

With every tweet or meeting with a foreign leader that President Donald Trump completes, American officials find themselves struggling to reassure allies that the US remains committed to their security.

June 24, 2017

Trump’s North Korean family values

With every new US president arriving in Washington, DC, come a handful of counselors and aides whose personal ties, built over years and forged in election campaigns, give them pride of place in the administration. From the “Irish Brotherhood” that brought John F.

January 06, 2017

Trump’s media enablers

Conventional wisdom lays much of the blame for the rise of Donald Trump on angry American voters, who have allowed him to break every rule in the political playbook without paying a price.

May 16, 2016

How China is winning Southeast Asia

With preparations for Chinese President Xi Jinping’s September visit to Washington, DC, underway, officials in both countries are predictably playing down their differences over China’s outsize territorial claims, backed by the construction of military facilities on previously uninhabited islands

August 07, 2015

US’ bickering Asian partners

American diplomats like to portray their country’s allies in glowing terms.

March 23, 2015