Theology ... the lasting Saudi conflict

Abdullah Sayel

Published — Sunday 27 January 2013

Last update 27 January 2013 4:17 am

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It is getting bigger than ever. Obviously, it’s now seen and heard even among the family members. Classification is always behind agreement or rejection. I still do not know why does it have to be an agreement/rejection approach? Why does It always deteriorate to: Either with me ... or against me?
The critical stage could be seen nowadays as classification of thinking is used for accusation. Liberals and radicals, for instance, are not practicing dialogue. They are firing each other with a series of accusations and a punch of labels. The social media, mainly ‘Twitter’, is one of the sleepless battlefields.
In every issue related to mentality and the act of thinking, prediction is a very easy job. Unfortunately, you will never see a dialogue taking place and sorting things out. Lots of adopted hatred dominates and ... here we go again!
I wonder sometimes, would allowing more space to multiplicity be a good solution, especially if we reconsider the great and colorful multiculturalism available in Saudi Arabia. What is keeping the positivity of multiplicity from taking over and for who’s good?

— The writer is the chairman of the Saudi Cartoon & Animation Society

Twitter: @abdullahsayel
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