Tunisian police arrest 11 after deadly attack

Updated 13 December 2012

Tunisian police arrest 11 after deadly attack

KASSERINE, Tunisia: Tunisian security forces hunting gunmen that killed a policeman near the Algerian border this week have arrested 11 suspects, a security official said yesterday.
“Eleven men were captured, and another one is still on the run,” the official told AFP.
On Monday, gunmen shot and killed Anis Jlassi, head of the police station in the western region of Kassarine and wounded four of his men.
Security forces had been hunting for the gunmen near Dernaya.
At the beginning of the operation, the security services said they were seeking five men and that they had located their camp, where an item of Algerian origin and a Tunisian SIM card were discovered.
Earlier yesterday, a security official said Tunisian forces had lost track of the armed group.
Meanwhile, the interior ministry said security forces defused on Tuesday an explosive device that a man had left on a bus in Kairouan in central Tunisia. It did not provide any other details.
Clashes, strikes and attacks by hardline militants have multiplied across Tunisia in the run-up to the second anniversary of the start of Tunisia’s revolution, which will be marked on Monday.
Members of a Tunisia’s militant movement, thought to number between 3,000 and 10,000, have been implicated in numerous acts of violence since last year’s revolt.

Berlin backs Macron’s Iran plan

In our view this agreement should be maintained, Merkel said. (AFP)
Updated 27 April 2018

Berlin backs Macron’s Iran plan

  • Merkel will discuss Iran with Trump on a visit on Friday
  • Macron acknowledged that he does not know what Trump will decide

BERLIN, PARIS: Proposals presented by French President Emmanuel Macron on Iran’s nuclear deal are based on the existing international agreement but would add some new elements, a senior German official said on Thursday.

Speaking before Chancellor Angela Merkel heads to Washington for talks with US President Donald Trump, the official said: “The premise of Macron’s proposal is that the agreement remains in its existing form and additional elements come on top.” The official added: “In our view this agreement should be maintained.”

Trump has said he is not happy with the 2015 accord and may pull out of it. 

Iran’s President Hasan Rouhani insisted the deal cannot be changed or built on. 

The plan announced during Macron’s trip is part of European efforts to persuade Trump not to abandon the accord next month.

Merkel will discuss Iran with Trump on a visit on Friday.

The French president has meanwhile defended discussions with Trump for a new plan to curb Iranian nuclear weapons. Speaking to reporters before leaving Washington on Wednesday night, Macron said the new four-pronged agreement would be a “very important complement” to the existing 2015 accord.

Macron insisted on the importance of talking to all sides, including Iran ally Russia, and said the world should not force anything on Iran. He acknowledged that he does not know what Trump will decide.