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Understanding the psyche and personality analysis

AYOUB IS A LOVED MAN, convincing and successful, who runs his own company with 25 employees with professionalism and quality. The work environment is healthy full of enthusiasm and production. His star began to rise and the media became interested in his experience as a self-made businessman.
He began writing his ideas in a journal. The main theme was focused around the human being who is the spirit behind all types of work, production or initiatives. He also focused in his journal on the ability to understand humans, deal with them and manage them in the best way possible, which will inevitably bring everyone success and satisfaction.
Ayoub has the passion for the understanding of people’s psyche and analyzing their personalities and then working with the results. This approach made his relationships in business and family deeper and more durable, and it made him closer to his objectives while avoiding conflicts.
He is able to manage relationships cleverly and lead dialogue with professionalism with whomever he was interacting. In addition, through this knowledge he could divide roles and give everyone what fits their potential and personality. He also had the knowledge when to strengthen a relationship and with whom to keep it superficial, who to treat with familiarity and who to treat formally.
This total awareness was important for Ayoub, as it enabled him to select the best human resources for his business. He knew the ‘key’ to many of those around him, and was able to communicate with them in a positive and effective manner.
His greatest gain is his ability to manage competitors and negative characters around him, and his ability to overcome all this negativity and agitation that create problems or unwelcome surprises.
Through Ayoub’s experiences, we proceed to imagine how pleasant it would be when we understand personalities around us and deal with them on the basis of this understanding. Each character has strengths and weaknesses, and here we have to support the strengths and not exploit the weaknesses, for we are trying to help develop those around us to get them to advanced stages of building positive personalities and wise and balanced self-management that serves them well in their lives and make them stand out.
For example, when we understand a temperamental person, we avoid him in moments of bad temper, and when we grasp the sensitive nature of someone, we move away from their sensitive issues and help them with their self-confidence, and when we understand the emotionally volatile personality, we know that they are good-hearted when they calm down, and when we meet the skeptic, we strengthen the areas of mutual trust and avoid prickly areas but treat them cautiously.
And if we meet someone who is dependent on others or avoids responsibility we know that they not fit for business leadership, and when dealing with an introvert, are cold at work and show no emotional reactions, we should not judge them for we understand that they own a good heart.
If we meet the extrovert, who is very nice, they may be suitable for travel and trips but not very suitable for work and production. If happens that you meet a narcissist, who is transcendent and arrogant by nature it’s better to handle them lavishly to get them to even interact with you.
And if, God forbid, you meet a psychopath or a sadist, one should not deepen the relationships with them and be wary of them. The former has a tendency to criminality and the second has hatred and loathing for others.
This understanding also makes me uninfluenced by depressive personalities who see everything dark around them, as well as learn how to be very cautious and exact with negative and aggressive personalities, who loves treachery and deception, and how to contain an obsessive personality, who is deeply meticulous and deal with them very carefully with a measure of concern.
And other personality traits that most people have a combination of some negatives and positives, and understanding them helps us a lot in social, practical and emotional situations. When we understand ourselves we will be better able to invest all that is beautiful and wonderful within us, while managing and processing all that is negative or bad in our personalities, in addition to understanding the world around us.
The model leader is he who can deal with all people around him and hire them according to what is appropriate for their personalities and their abilities.
He can embrace all types of people with social intelligence, psychological perception and administrative wisdom and perception of reality and human nature.
Hence understanding psyches and analyzing personalities is not trivial but a necessity for all whatever ages or positions or interests, we live in one planet and we can not live in isolation from each other and this one starts to understand each other we could be in areas more warmth in relations and feasibility in the results and business and outputs.

— Courtesy of Alwatan newspaper