US hip hop group rocks Riyadh

Updated 16 February 2013

US hip hop group rocks Riyadh

It was a cold night in Riyadh but hip hop group LEL Brothas warmed it up considerably with a scorching performance at the US ambassador’s residence.
There were Saudis, Filipinos, Indians, Syrians, Jordanians, Lebanese, Pakistanis, Indians and Bangladeshi nationals present at the event last week, who gamely danced to a number of tunes from the talented artists.
This is the second time that LEL Brothas has performed in Saudi Arabia as part of the cultural exchange program between the United States and the Kingdom. The group first performed in Riyadh during its Middle East tour in 2011.
The group was invited by US Ambassador James B. Smith and his wife Dr. Janet Breslin-Smith. “In mid-2011, LEL Brothas made history by performing in the Kingdom and many other countries in the Middle East,” said Smith.
The group is known for the song “Hatas” released on Dec. 21, 2011 off their album “The Epidemic.”
In 2012, LEL Brothas toured the United States and were again asked to return to the Middle East for a follow-up tour in 2013.
The LEL Brothas are working on their new album “The Pandemic” slated for release in 2013.
The group also performed separately for the Filipino Athletes and Performers Society (FAPS) headed by its president, Charlotte Villones, in cooperation with TFC’s Balitang Middle East (BME). FAPS, an accredited community organization in Riyadh, was the official production partner of the group in Saudi Arabia.
LEL Brothas also performed at a venue in Exit 9 with FAPS talents Christelle Marie Aliasas, Rhyan Jay Carpio, Teo Maglonzo, Rose Ann Ladra, Jean Gladys Vicente and Gene Juanich. The Filipinos caught the attention of DJ Unknown, known for discovering talent in the United States.
The group also performed at the American International School and the US Embassy.
LEL Brothas was formed in early 2006 in Prescott Valley, Arizona. The vision of DJ Clone, the group also includes member LBC AKA Nytmare. Although the group officially has two members, DJ Clone and LBC, it often performs with hype man CB5. A hype man is a backup rapper or singer who supports the primary rappers.
All three rappers are originally from California, but met each other and started LEL Brothas in Arizona.
While recording their debut album “Fresh out the Root” LEL Brothas were signed by producer Wade Martin to JWM Records. They topped the Internet and Southwest radio charts with the album. In 2010, LEL Brothas released their second album “The Epidemic,” which catapulted them on a world tour and gained them multiple events with top A-list celebrities.
The group has sought to bridge cultural differences between the two countries with their music. Their songs are a mixture of hip hop and rock.
The meaning of the acronym “LEL” has not been disclosed by the group. On the 2011 album “The Epidemic,” LBC references LEL by saying: “Quit asking what LEL means, it drives me insane/if I told you the secret, it would blow out your brain.” Although the meaning has not been released, DJ Clone often teases the media and fans by stating: “Come to a show and find out.”

Saudi Arabia says deposits $250 million into Sudan's Central Bank: statement

Updated 19 May 2019

Saudi Arabia says deposits $250 million into Sudan's Central Bank: statement

  • Saudi Arabia and UAE pledged to send $3 billion worth of aid to Sudan
  • The remaining amount will be allocated to meet the urgent needs of the Sudanese people

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia said on Sunday it deposited $250 million with the Sudanese central bank, according to a statement from the Kingdom’s ministry of finance.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE pledged to send $3 billion worth of aid to Sudan, after mass protests led to the ouster of president Omar al-Bashir last month.

The move will strengthen Sudan’s “financial position, alleviate pressure on the Sudanese pound and achieve more stability in the exchange rate," the statement said.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have deposited now $500 million into Sudan’s Central Bank, the first instalment of the joint package of aid.

The remaining amount will be allocated to meet the urgent needs of the Sudanese people, including food, medications and oil derivatives.

Mohammed Abdullah Al-Jadaan, Minister of Finance, confirmed that this deposit constitutes an extension of the Kingdom’s support to the Sudanese people.

He added that this support will strengthen the financial and economic situation in Sudan, especially the exchange rate of the Sudanese pound, which should reflect positively on the living conditions of the Sudanese citizens.