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US student could ‘doodle’ way to college money

SAN FRANCISCO: Google on Monday launched a competition that will let a US student “doodle” his or her way to cash for college along with landing grant money to fund technology education at their grade school. The California-based Internet titan announced its sixth annual “Doodle 4 Google” contest in which students from kindergarten to 12th grade vie to create a winning “doodle,” a creative design playing off the search page logo. The doodle contest theme is “My best day ever.”
“Each year we have a broad theme to provide some inspiration while letting young artists’ imagination roam free,” Google said in a blog post. “We hope to give kids a chance to explore themes that could be imaginary, exploratory or even sentimental, past, present or future.” The winning artwork will be displayed for the Internet world to see at and its creator will get $ 30,000 in scholarship money to help pay for college.
Their school will get a $50,000 technology grant. Doodles can be submitted until March 22, with judges selecting a top contender from each US state and the public voting online at to help determine national finalists.
The panel of judges includes puppeteer and Jim Henson company chairman Brian Henson; journalist and author Katie Couric, and graphic novel author and illustrator Kabu Kibuishi. Contest information is available online at and in a YouTube video posted at