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Valenzuela, Santoc clinch FEDBG No. Tap 9 titles

Rudy Valenzuela kept striking distance on the first two sets until he saw the chance on the last game to take men’s title while Ester Santoc, after grasping the front seat on game two, safeguarded her post till she bagged the ladies crown of the Filipino Expatriate Damayan Bowling Group No Tap 9 bowling tournament at the Bowling City here.
Ranking No. 12 on the qualifying round wherein Zaldy Bacero (4255) and Oca Bernabe (4172) went direct to finals, Valenzuela survived the third position with 989 behind Dariel Loquias (1057) and Rolly Vistal (990) of the group OAB semifinals.
Valenzuela is now also up against the group CDE finalists with Frank Afurong and Richard Antonio got seeded with 4100 and 4069 respectively. Edris Mangoda topped the semifinals with 1076 while Pip R. Planas and Med Ramos separately survived second and third posts with 965 and 947.
With 300 and 297, top favorite Bacero dominated two third of the match with 597. Valenzuela was right behind with 574 capitalizing his 4-pin hpg with 266 and 300.
Bernabe was five marks away with 526. But on the homestretch of ultimate Valenzuela saw his chance when Bacero got whipped with a split to score 222. With another 266 the patient and cool quality bowler Valenzuela got paid off with 844 handicapped series to be the consequential men’s division champion of the FEDBG No Tap 9 tournament.
Pushing his way to bridesmaid is Bernabe totaling handicapped series of 830 with 300 on the endgame. Such big turnout settled Bacero to third place with 819 scratch series, Vistal ranked fourth with 775 and Mangoda, who tied Antonio at 746, salvaged last berth on 22-34 rule of consistency.
Other male semifinalists were: Tom Langa, Bas Langa, Edward Botardo, Jun de Dios, Nards Hassan, Ver Jasa, Ross Isabiniano, Jowet Carreon and Serge Rivera on CDE. Ruel Santoc, Marcelo Manalo, Tito Cruz, Bobby Baraquel, Jimmy Aragones, Ruben Griño and Rene Martinez on OAB.
On the ladies division, Ailen Miralbuna startled other finalists with her 278. Second direct-to-final Ester Santoc keeping manageable gap at 254. Cheryl Tibay, Fatima Jintarat and top qualifier Grace Funtilon have six marks or more to deal. As Miralbuna got hobbled with splits sliding to second with 450 on the next salvo, Santoc seized top spot with 481 on her 227 follow up. Swiftly improving bowler Funtilon broke to third with 429 on her 223 pursuit.
Seeing top favorite Jintarat is mounting a rally and Miralbuna is on regaining demonstrations, Santoc tried parrying frame by frame. Such move consummated her goal when she finished 660 for ladies championship of this FEDBG No Tap 9 event.
Jintarat’s rally of 270 installed her to second place with 645, Funtilon sustained third spot with 640 while Miralbuna and Tibay dwelled the last two berths. Other lady semifinalists were Mariz Resano, Letty Mendoza, Sally Sañosa, Eva Garcia and Alma Bacero.