Islam in Perspective

Learning process begins right after birth

It is true that babies who can barely talk investigate problems with all the zeal and excitement of explorers, make discoveries with the passion and absorption of dedicated scientists.

To feel secure, trust God

From their childhood, people always want to have someone on whom they can truly trust.

Making home a peaceful abode

Strong family ties built on the teachings of Qur’an and Sunnah provide the necessary foundation for a happy and joyous household and in turn contribute to the overall health of a society.

The pleasures of learning

The rise of Muslims to the zenith of civilization in a period of four decades was based on Islam’s emphasis on learning.

My incredible discovery of the faith

A Catholic lady finds ultimate answer in Islam when confronted with and having run out of questions related to the existence and the nature of God.

Muhammad was most perfect man on earth

Rap music has seen more than its share of influence from the religion of Islam.

What after Ramadan

Even though Ramadan has ended, we all have to make sure it stays with us. How, might you ask? Everybody knows that Ramadan lasts only for a month, 29 or 30 wonderful days.

Remember death: Sands of time running out

People, generally speaking, do not want to die. Even at an advanced age, they remain unconcerned about imminence of death. They live as though death is a far distant reality.

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