Islam in Perspective

Extremist mentality: Debunking the ideological flaws

Terrorist groups who flagrantly use religion as a cloak to cover up for their dastardly acts of extremism fall into some serious ideological flaws which reveal their warped logic and ill-informed and

Searching for direction, I found Islam

Mohammad Al-Khalil is a Caribbean man who was “spiritually lost” and was searching for direction when he came in contact with some Arabs in London.

Islam is simple, don’t make it complicated

The Qur’an says: “We have sent down the Book to you which manifests the truth about all things and as guidance and mercy and good news for Muslims.” (Qur’an, 16:89)

Acquiring knowledge is key to understanding Allah Almighty

In QUR'AN, we find the most fundamental matters that Muslims ought to know and understand are explained quite explicitly.

Allah is the sole Creator

Can it be matter?

Difficulties are linked to destinies

Some people refer to events not going their way as mishaps. However, although they think of such things as ‘mishap,’ that is in fact how things are meant to play out in destiny.

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