Islam in Perspective

Artistry of Allah in the spider’s web

The best-known things about spiders are their webs. However, there are miraculous details hidden both in the web and in the silk they use to build it.

I found Prophet’s name mentioned in the Gospel

Great numbers of Christians who embraced Islam in the medieval period were never compelled. Rather it was a recognition of what they were already expecting.

Being humble is a prophetic tradition

The essence of being Muslim is being humble. The word ‘Muslim’ itself means to submit oneself in ultimate humbleness to Allah.

Black holes: A manifestation of Allah’s name of Al-Hafiz

SURAH At-Tariq refers to a ‘piercing star’: “(I swear) by Heaven and the Tariq! And what will convey to you what the Tariq is? The Star Piercing (the darkness)!” (Qur’an, 86:1-3)

The Prophet’s inexhaustible patience

One of the marvelous qualities of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was his infinite patience.

All Muslims are like a family

Malik Mohammed Hassan, a totally blind, came to Islam’s fold when he learned about the Divine teachings through a sister, Rizvana, in Canada.

Signs of an accepted Haj

Allah the Almighty legislated acts of worship and obedience for great wisdom and sublime objectives.

Embracing Islam was an emotional experience

Kusmari Rendrabwana was brought up in a strict catholic background, where any Muslim connection would be considered inappropriate.

Moral values and fear of Allah must for Muslims

Young people today are brought up away from love and fear of Allah. A family generally teaches a child the basics of Islam.

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