Islam in Perspective

Dental enamel a reflection of Allah’s artistic detail

Contrary to what people think, the most resistant part of our bodies is not our large and strong bones, but the tiny teeth in our mouths. It is dental enamel that gives our teeth their resistance.

Knowledge is essence of religion

Allah created man and provided him with the tools for acquiring knowledge, namely hearing, sight and wisdom.

Why our hearts must engage in Allah’s worship

Islam prescribes many forms of worship that have outward expressions, prayer being the most obvious of these.

Mankind was a single nation

From that which has been established in the Shariah (prescribed law) is that mankind was, in the beginning, a single nation following true Tawheed, then gradually they got involved in shirk (associati

A journey to the eternal life

Imagine you are standing in the middle of a very large train station. Young people, old people and children are all rushing past; they are all in a great hurry.

How I converted to Islam

Muhammad Ishaaq, formerly Girish KS Udupa, an upper caste Hindu, narrates his story about his conversion to Islam.

Learning to love prayers

Skipping prayers is unfortunately something common among many Muslims. Many, nonetheless, keep going back to prayers out of fear, and rightfully so, of Allah, majestic in His praise.

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