Islam in Perspective

I preach about Islam among Christians

Kenneth L. Jenkins was former minister and elder of church in Indiana, US.

Marriage: God’s gift to humanity

Marriage is an exclusive right given to human beings. Yet, mating would include all species — including even the plant kingdom.Why did God favor humans with such high honor?

Allah will make Islam prevail in the world

The Islamic world extends from Morocco and Mauritania on the Atlantic coast of Africa in the West to as far as Indonesia on the shores of the Pacific in the East.

My journey from darkness to light

Kenneth L. Jenkins was former minister and elder of church in Indiana, US.

Shawwal: Beginning of Ashhur Al-Haj

Shawwal is the first of the three months named as “Ashhur Al-Haj” (i.e. the months of Haj).

What after Ramadan?

When the blessed month of Ramadan ends we leave behind the month emphasizing mercy, forgiveness, and freedom from the hellfire. But what do we take with us?

How prayer benefits a believer’s soul

Hundreds of thousands of people are born every day. They all start a new life with a magnificent creation of eyes, hands, ears, hearts, brains and all their other organs.

Islam changed my life for ever

Christina while teaching in Dubai only wanted to understand Islam.

India’s largest Ramadan gathering held in Kerala

MALAPPURAM (Kerala): Hundreds of thousands of believers gathered at the Swalath Nagar in the Muslim-dominated Malappuram district in the southern Indian state of Kerala overnight Thursday in what is c

Prosperity from our Lord: Laylat Al-Qadr

We are approaching the end of Ramadan, that most auspicious and beautiful month where Muslims have helped one another and strengthened their relations of solidarity.

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