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Imam Shafie: An outstanding scholar of fiqh

The Shafie school of thought is the second largest followed by Muslims worldwide.

The existence of Allah is a manifest reality

Every point in the universe is filled with matchless manifestations of Allah’s creative artistry. Everywhere we look at reflects His infinite might and greatness.

To deny truth is like denying ourselves

Muhammad Yahya, embraced Islam in 1989 whilst studying politics and modern history at Manchester University. Originally an atheist, he was struck by the behavior and piety of a Muslim friend of his.

Give charity for purification of soul

One cannot attain piety unless he regularly spends his wealth in good causes according to his capacity.

Let’s become grateful servants of Allah

Gratitude lies at the core of man’s relationship with Almighty Allah. It may be expressed by the heart or tongue, or through deeds, words, and gestures.

I found the message of Islam appealing

Educated at Oxford University, Sir Jalaluddin Lauder Brunton, is a former British statesman.

Is luxury living unlawful for a Muslim?

Throughout their lives, people want to be like those they regard as being of higher quality, and they often accept them as role models.

Why believers should enjoin what is good

Since someone who lives by the moral values of the Qur’an knows the harm that will befall someone who does not, he will feel a responsibility to warn that person and call them to the true pat

Muezzin’s call is as deep as lull in the ocean

Kari Ann Owen (Penomee) is a US-based former Jew, who due to various experiences in her life, felt a lack of belonging to American and Western Society and looked elsewhere for guidance.

Tips to turn good deeds into habits

A good deed is defined as an act of kindness that would benefit another individual other than one’s self.

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