Islam in Perspective

Allah Almighty’s infinite power and greatness

Allah created the order of the universe in superb detail to allow man to grasp His greatness.

Why depicting Prophet Muhammad angers many Muslims

DUBAI: Depictions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) such as the cartoons published by the French satirical magazine reeling from a deadly attack are banned in Islam and mocking him angers man

God guided me to the straight path

Descendant of a Jewish family from Lodz, Poland, Penomee (Dr. Kari Ann Owen) is settled in the United States. Due to various life experiences, Dr.

Islam lays stress on rights for all the human beings

What exactly are human rights? Is it just the right to life? Alternatively, is it the right to freedom, liberty, and justice? Do human rights include having the right to security, and a safe haven?

Transformation of cells into organs a miracle

Chromosomes coming from the parents exist in an egg cell newly fertilized in the mother’s womb. This cell starts dividing rapidly, and the newly formed cells differentiate as they continue to divide.

An unending war between man and Satan

The stepping stone of guidance and the route to eternal prosperity begins with being alert to enemies that threaten our chances of admission to paradise.

Allah Almighty wants Muslims to be affectionate and loving

In the verse, “Do not direct your eyes longingly to what We have given certain of them to enjoy. Do not feel sad concerning them.

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