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I always felt for a higher truth

A once misguided boy finds his salvation through the Pentecostal Church at the age of 20.

Practical tips for parenting children

It is imperative to remember that our children are one of the greatest tests that we have from Allah Almighty and we need to continually ask Him for assistance and guidance for ourselves and our child

Muslims must live by Qur’an

“... For only then we truly live. Otherwise we only pretend to live....”

Ulema are the heirs of Prophets

(The writer is preacher of Masjide Nabawi, Madinah)

I wish all Americans received the message of Islam

Diane Charles Breslin is an ex-Catholic Christian living in US.

Death, an indispensable reality

HOW often do we remember death? Death, which is a harsh and fearful reality that spares no living person. None can avoid it. The people around a dying person don’t have the ability to prevent it.

Dua has the ability to change one’s destiny

AS human beings, our life in this world is characterized by fluctuating conditions making us happy and sad. No one experiences perpetual bliss or misery. Life by its very nature is a test.

Jesus never once claimed to be the godhead

Diane Charles Breslin is an ex-Catholic Christian living in US.

Youth in Islam — culture, faith and generation gap

Youth is a period of high energy and great enthusiasm, coupled with an air of invincibility and perpetuity.

Halima: The foster mother of Prophet Muhammad

Islam develops cohesion in society for the general benefit of the mankind. It promotes strong bonds between parents and the children.

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