Islam in Perspective

Prophet’s regard for Christians and Jews

The protests by Muslims against depictions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), as misguided as they were, have given rise to perhaps an equal amount of righteous Western outpouring, concern, and

Reading Qur’an made me convinced of truth

Not convinced with the Christian concept of trinity, Erin (Sumaya Fannoun) wrestled with the ideology of faith and looked for the right path.

Thankfulness realization and signs of Allah’s grace

Indeed, Allah alone is worthy of worship and supplication. He alone should be invoked in times of hope and fear.

Mother’s milk has miraculous benefits

MOTHER’s milk is a matchless compound created by Allah to meet all the baby’s nutritional requirements and protect it against potential infections.

Praying directly to God attracted me to Islam

Not convinced by the concept of trinity, Erin (Sumaya Fannoun) wrestled with the concept of faith and looked for the right path.

Thanking Allah with words, deeds

Blessings are commensurate with our gratitude. If you thank Allah for His favors, Allah will increase and bless them.

Maternal affection signs of God’s compassion

Recent scientific research has shown that there are genes in infants that are activated when they receive affection — or lack of affection — from their mothers.

In Islam we worship only the Creator

Bruce Paterson is a former Christian based in the United Kingdom. A truth seeker, Paterson was tired of the unanswered questions in his faith.

I felt secured and safe in Islam

Noor is a former Hindu woman based in the UK.

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