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Signs leading to faith

The concept that great Islamic scholars refer to as “signs leading to faith” involves all facts of creation, knowledge and evidence of all kinds that lead people to faith concerning the existence and

Consumer protection in Islam

Protecting consumers from malpractices of traders and commercial organizations is an important responsibility of any state.

I found thousand reasons to embrace Islam

Greg Noakes, when studied Islam through his classes and assigned readings, found “thousand reasons, small and large” to embrace the faith.

Allah, not chance, created the universe

The universe was created in a moment by Almighty Allah telling it “Be!” Created in such a short time, the universe still possesses a glorious variety and harmony.

I approached Islam with open mind

Afrah Alshaibani was a conservative Christian, who since teenage began asking questions regarding the conflicting doctrines in her religion.

Imam Shafie: An outstanding scholar of fiqh

The Shafie school of thought is the second largest followed by Muslims worldwide.

The existence of Allah is a manifest reality

Every point in the universe is filled with matchless manifestations of Allah’s creative artistry. Everywhere we look at reflects His infinite might and greatness.

To deny truth is like denying ourselves

Muhammad Yahya, embraced Islam in 1989 whilst studying politics and modern history at Manchester University. Originally an atheist, he was struck by the behavior and piety of a Muslim friend of his.

Give charity for purification of soul

One cannot attain piety unless he regularly spends his wealth in good causes according to his capacity.

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