NEW YORK: Amazon moved to become an errand service for home staples, introducing a "dash button" to allow consumers to instantly order popular products for home and kitchen.The move boosts Amazon's...
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Study: Vitamins don’t lower heart risks in men

LOS ANGELES: Multivitamins might help lower the risk for cancer in healthy older men but do not affect their chances of developing heart disease, new research suggests.

Twitter, Facebook used to push Americans to the polls

WASHINGTON: Nani Teruya does not vote because she believes the United States is illegally occupying her home state of Hawaii, but people are trying to convince her to go

Scenic reserve a haven for study of Brazil’s Atlantic rainforest

BRAZIL’S Salto Morato Nature Preserve is a haven for scientists studying the dwindling Atlantic rainforest, an area less renowned than the Amazon forest but just as biologically diverse and equally th

Final trek for space shuttle Atlantis

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida: Accompanied by a fleet of astronauts spanning NASA’s entire existence, Atlantis made a slow, solemn journey to retirement Friday, the last

Man with ‘bionic’ leg to climb Chicago skyscraper

CHICAGO: Zac Vawter lost his right leg in a motorcycle accident.

’First’ Pakistan astronaut wants to make peace in space

ISLAMABAD: Once you’ve been to both poles, skydived over Mount Everest and set up your country’s first consulate in Monaco, the question is: What next?

Saudi Red Crescent introduces advanced first-aid for pilgrims

JEDDAH: Prince Faisal bin Abdullah, president of Saudi Red Crescent Authority, launched yesterday a new first-aid device designed by the authority and manufactured in Europe to serve pilgrims durin

Soyuz with astronauts docks with space station

ALMATY, Kazakhstan: A Russian spacecraft carrying three astronauts and a consignment of fish has successfully docked with the International Space Station after a two-day voyage.

Google cameras map popular Grand Canyon floor and trails

GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK, Arizona: Google and its street-view cameras already have taken users to narrow cobblestone alleys in Spain using a tricycle, inside the Smithsonian with a push cart and up

Beautiful Microsoft tablet let down by software gaps — reviewers

Tech bloggers and other reviewers praised Microsoft Corp’s new Surface RT tablet for beautiful design but said a shortage of applications and a slow operating system meant the result was heartbreak fo

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