NEW YORK: Amazon moved to become an errand service for home staples, introducing a "dash button" to allow consumers to instantly order popular products for home and kitchen.The move boosts Amazon's...
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Let’s go and watch turtles nesting!

From June to October, the beaches around Ras Al-Had in Oman attract an increasing number of tourists.

Health essentials in your fight against breast cancer

Come October and the month is abuzz with pink ribbons, pink candies, pink tees, pink social media pages and pink… well, you get the drift: It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Antibiotics and Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is epidemic and the days when children ran about and played outside and were as slim as whippets are long gone.

Foot care for diabetics during Haj

Taking good care of your feet is an important task while performing Haj, since your feet are at increased risk of injury, cuts and burns.

Kababish: Experiencing the India, Pakistan bond

Kababish is where most desis, a collective term for people of the Indian subcontinent, in Jeddah frequent for daily and festive shopping.

Apple expected to debut ‘mini’ iPad

SAN FRANCISCO: Apple on Tuesday is expected to pull back the curtain on a “mini” version of its iPad to battle Amazon and Google in the hot, crowded arena of

Next to US in obesity, Mexico wants kids to slim down

Mexico, second in obesity in the world after the United States, wants its children to cut down on the soft drinks and fatty foods that have made them the chubbiest kids

Attack on Malala: A turning point for Pakistan

IN the lives of individuals as well as nations sometimes seemingly small, inconsequential incidents can set off profound, watershed changes.

Japan robot suit offers hope for nuclear work

TOKYO: Brain wave-controlled robot suits that allow wearers to don heavy radiation protection without feeling the weight were unveiled in Japan yesterday.

Gastronomy nourishes Spain’s economy

Chicken with brie, wild mushroom croquettes, cured-meat ravioli: Gourmet cooking has put this Basque town on the gastronomic map, drawing visitors from around the world.

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