NEW YORK: Amazon moved to become an errand service for home staples, introducing a "dash button" to allow consumers to instantly order popular products for home and kitchen.The move boosts Amazon's...
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India fights to protect its traditional home remedies

For centuries, Indian housewives have used homemade remedies based on cow’s milk to cure constipation — but in 2009 Swiss giant Nestle applied for a patent to protect a similar product of its own.

Antarctic ice map may hold vital clues to global warming

SYDNEY: Scientists have produced the first three dimensional map of the surface beneath Antarctic sea ice, helping them better understand the impact of climate change on Antarctica.

WhatsApp! Free message apps give telecom firms a run for their money

SINGAPORE: Global telecom operators are expected to have lost $ 23 billion in SMS revenues by the end of 2012 as smartphone users shift to free messaging applications, an industry report said yesterda

US pair share chemistry Nobel for cell receptors

STOCKHOLM: Two American scientists won the 2012 Nobel Prize for chemistry yesterday for research into how cells respond to external stimuli that is helping to develop better drugs to fight diseases su

Must-see in NYC

New York City has something for everyone in your family: The bright lights, the hustle and bustle of yellow taxicabs and pedestrians, the famous sites we all know through films and TV series...

International chefs as diplomats in the US

Twenty-five food professionals from chefs, restaurant owners to food writers and critics from different countries, traveled together throughout the United States as part

Inflammation Prevention (Part 6)

I have been discussing inflammation and anti-inflammatory essential fatty acids and spices for the treatment of inflammation for the last several weeks.

Health Lines: Balance is key

Some people are better than others at leading a balanced life. When you have balance your will be stress less, and you will be able to make better decisions.

Dining under a wandering star

Jeddah’s Qasr Al-Sharq currently has the pleasure to host a wandering star in the cooking world: Michelin-starred Chef de Cuisine, Domenico Acampora is in the hotel’s Italian Aromi Restaurant to prese

Stem cell breakthrough opens new medical window

THE Nobel Prize-winning discovery of how to reprogram ordinary cells to behave like embryonic stem cells offers a way to skirt around ethical problems with human embryos, but safety concerns make thei

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