NEW YORK: Amazon moved to become an errand service for home staples, introducing a "dash button" to allow consumers to instantly order popular products for home and kitchen.The move boosts Amazon's...
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British-Japanese duo win Nobel for stem cell research

STOCKHOLM: Shinya Yamanaka of Japan and John Gurdon of Britain won the Nobel Prize yesterday for work in cell programming, a frontier that has raised dreams of growing replacement tissue for people cr

SpaceX craft on way to ISS in first supply run

WASHINGTON: A cargo-laden capsule on Monday was on its way to the International Space Station on NASA’s first privately-run supply mission after a successful blast-off atop SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket.

Freedom of speech is not a license to spread hatred

In the last few weeks the world has witnessed the response to an evil, insulting and abhorrent movie that attempted to malign the noble character of Prophet Muhammad (pe

Inching toward the straight path

Lynda Fitzgerald, now known as Khadija, is an Irish girl from a town called Wicklow, close to Dublin. She hails from a very strict Roman Catholic family, comprising nine children.

The virtue of truthfulness

O you who believe! Have fear of God, and be among the truthful.” (Qur’an 9:119)

Frankfurt Book Fair to look to future via today’s children

The Frankfurt Book Fair will spotlight child and youth literature and its role at the avant-garde of the publishing world with playful apps for smartphones and tablet co

Slow, but steady: Online shopping gathers steam

Shopping through the Internet is still not as popular in Saudi Arabia as it is in the West, but the trend is slowly catching up.

Facebook reaches 1 billion monthly active users

Social media company Facebook Inc. said on Thursday it reached the 1 billion active monthly users threshold last month, and is up more than 50 million users since June.

Motorola buys face-recognition firm Viewdle

NEW YORK: Mobile phone-maker Motorola said Wednesday it had purchased facial recognition firm Viewdle for an undisclosed amount.

Voila: a treat for all

There’s a big possibility you have overlooked this little piece of chocolate heaven, as “Voila” is tucked away on the second floor of the Millennium Ce

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