Who is honest and who is not


Who is honest and who is not

If you want to find out if anyone is a crook, ask him if he is honest, if he answers yes, he is a crook." — Groucho Marx.
Groucho Marx is an American who was talented in writing and producing TV programs. He is also one of the skillful sarcastic comedians. He also was known as a very intelligent person. However, I can't completely agree with Groucho's statement because Groucho was himself one of the most renowned deceivers. And suspecting others' honesty is not acceptable according to my belief.
I want to ask you one question but please answer me openly, are you all honest? Has anyone of you concealed the truth once or twice? Have you expressed a thought other than what is deep in your heart? I think no! Not one of us has been through this before; a complete continuous honesty. If the writer of this article counts how many times he breaks the law of honesty daily, he may lose the trust with himself, so I'll avoid this judgment, and, of course, such avoidance constitutes some dishonesty!
Lack of dishonesty and expressing false feelings slightly differ from someone who compliments his neighbor saying: "You are the best neighbor ever," or a wife complimenting her husband saying: "You are the most handsome and strongest husband around" or visiting a small official to finish your papers in a humiliating way. Then the papers go to the highest levels such as the ruler who does not trust his people and the people know that their leader does not trust them and both parties swear that they both are on perfect terms. That’s great! Does life become beautiful like that? We need to get rid of lying, forgery and concealing the truth. Look when you humiliated yourself in front of that small official for instance! You sold your dignity, that was exactly what you did. The people who accept to be humiliated by their ruler and consider him superhuman will not be respected, and there will be a big problem everyday; the ruler will seek more respect which means more submission from his people and will oppress them through his authority and punishment. Every ruler has his own way of carrying out oppression.
Are the Western countries free from dishonesty? Absolutely not. Look at this great country, the United States of America.
Take the example of an American company, Enron. This company was considered "the greatest company" and the shining star of Wall Street and pioneer of the new economy due to its unrivaled success. Enron’s extraordinary success was driven by soaring profits not achieved by any of the big American companies. So thousands of people were buying its shares (besides distribution of additional huge allowances to the board members and higher administration staff).
Anyway, the biggest financial fraud ever that took place was the result of a conspiracy where Enron board members, evaluating agencies and consultants neglected all fair practices, and the biggest accounting entity in the world, Arthur Andersen, covered up false profits. Were those people the only rotten apples?
No! Enron as a company was totally rotten. All managers and employees participated in concealing the truth, and what was the result? Hundred of thousands of stockholders lost their savings and retirement money, sold their houses, pulled out their children from universities, besides suffering from illness and insanity.
Question: Will all of us, believing that we will not be subjected to punishment, perform any act of dishonesty?
Don’t rush for the answer … take your time!

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