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The world’s most luxurious bus

The Shuttle Bus Faulkner Automobile Performance is the world’s largest caravan, starting with the price of SR 4.5 million up to SR 7.2 million, depending on the client’s preferences for the interior design and luxury and the type of luxury car that wants.
The length of the mobile caravan is 12 meters, thus providing the maximum luxury, including a concealed warehouse where the owner can park inside his other luxurious car. The bus pictured here was launched for the first time as part of the activities of Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, Germany.
It contains two tanks, one with the capacity of 800 liters of water fit for use, and another with 600-liter capacity. If you want to own this luxurious caravan, place an order and it will be delivered only after 12 months.

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