Putin tells India’s Modi will try yoga

Updated 08 July 2015

Putin tells India’s Modi will try yoga

UFA, Russsia: Russia’s judo black-belt president Vladimir Putin has promised yoga-loving Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he’ll try some yoga poses, despite feeling daunted by the challenge.
“I’ve tried so many things, but I haven’t tried yoga, though it is certainly appealing,” Putin told Modi during talks in the Russian city of Ufa.
“I’ll see what I am able to do based on my physical aptitude,” he added.
“When we see real yogi, it seems impossible to reach such perfection, and that’s what stops people.”
Modi, who recently took to a mat and led some 35,000 people in performing poses like the half camel and cobra in a mass outdoor yoga session on International Yoga Day, came to Russia for the BRICS summit which starts Thursday.
The prime minister, who says yoga helps him work long hours, thanked Putin for sponsoring the International Yoga Day in Russia, adding that the activity should inspire everyone who wants to keep a healthy way of life.
Putin, who has cultivated a strongman image, is a longtime judo enthusiast, enjoys hockey and has been photographed bare-chested on horseback as well as swimming the butterfly stroke in a Siberian river.

Indian troops in Kashmir shoot seven protesters dead

Updated 13 min 37 sec ago

Indian troops in Kashmir shoot seven protesters dead

  • Government forces fired bullets, shotgun pellets and tear gas at the stone-throwing protesters, killing two and injuring about 26 others
  • India and Pakistan each claim the divided territory of Kashmir in its entirety

DELHI: Seven people died and dozens were wounded on Saturday when Indian security forces opened fire on civilians protesting at the death of three militants in a gun battle in Kashmir.

The fighting erupted after troops laid siege to a house in southern Pulwama where the militants were hiding. Three armed militants ran from the house into a nearby orchard, where they and one soldier were killed in a gunfight.

Amid the shooting, hundreds of villagers marched toward the orchard, shouting slogans in support of the militants and throwing stones at the troops. Six protesters were shot dead and a seventh died later in hospital from gunshot wounds.

Widespread protests broke out in Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir over the killings. Security has been tightened and troops rushed to potential hotspots.

“People in the area are very angry,” one Pulwama resident told Arab News. “These kind of civilian casualties are the spur for youngsters in the area to pick up guns. If the government thinks that by killing people they can scare them, they are living in a fool’s paradise. More and more youth are picking up guns in anger.”

BJP Kashmir spokesman Altaf Thakur blamed separatists for “misleading the youth of Kashmir.”

“Any death is a tragedy,” he told Arab News, “but I would like to put responsibility on those separatist groups who incite young people to pick up guns or become stone throwers in the name of independence. They don’t know they will lose their lives as a result.

“Most people in Kashmir want to live peacefully with India. Only a small section wants to create disturbances. Such people come in the way of peace.”