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US wants Iran help on missing FBI agent

WASHINGTON: The White House says it is looking forward to Iran helping to locate retired FBI agent Robert Levinson, who went missing six years ago while on a trip to the Islamic Republic.
The anniversary of Levinson’s disappearance fell yesterday, and White House spokesman Jay Carney said Washington still placed a high priority on finding Levinson and bringing him home.
“The Iranian government previously offered assistance in locating Mr. Levinson, and we look forward to receiving this assistance, even as we disagree on other key issues,” Carney said.
“The FBI has also announced a $ 1 million reward for information leading to Mr. Levinson’s safe return. This year, we again reaffirm our commitment to bringing him home to those who love him.”
Iran said last month that it had no information about Levinson, who has become another point of tension between the two nations already at odds over multiple issues, including Tehran’s nuclear program.
Mystery shrouds the fate of Levinson, who disappeared on Iran’s Gulf island of Kish while reportedly investigating cigarette counterfeiting in the region. His wife Christine last heard from him on March 8, 2007.
On Jan. 8, Christine released photos of her husband wearing an orange jumpsuit similar to those worn by prisoners at the US-run Guantanamo Bay Detention Center in Cuba, holding a white placard that read, “Why You Can Not Help Me.”