Indonesia defends haze-fighting efforts

JAKARTA: Indonesia’s disaster chief on Thursday defended the country’s efforts to fight forest fires that have blanketed Southeast Asia in choking haze, and said he believed rains would arrive within

Maldives rejects UN ruling Nasheed held illegally

COLOMBO: A United Nations panel has ruled that the jailing of former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed was illegal and called for his immediate release, the government of the atoll nation said Thursd

Sri Lanka to cooperate with UN call for war crimes inquiry

GENEVA: Sri Lanka said on Thursday it would heed a UN resolution urging it to establish a credible judicial process, including foreign judges and prosecutors, to investigate alleged war crimes during

Climate plans by 140 nations not enough

OSLO: Plans submitted by 140 nations to limit their greenhouse gases would go some way toward tackling climate change, but not enough to prevent the planet from warming by well over 2 degrees Celsius

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