US Navy pulls protesting nurse from Guantanamo

MIAMI: Military officials say a Navy nurse who refused to take part in feeding of hunger striking prisoners at Guantanamo has been recalled early from duty at the US base in Cuba.

Putin says military escalation won’t solve Ukraine crisis

MINSK: Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday the crisis in Ukraine could not be solved by a further military escalation or without dialogue with representatives of the country’s Russian-spe

UK police in appeal to block aspiring terrorists

LONDON: British police are appealing to the public to help identify aspiring terrorists after the murder of an American journalist focused attention on extremism in the UK

Plane makes emergency landing after elderly passenger seizes controls

SYDNEY: An Australian pilot made an emergency landing after wresting back the controls of his light aircraft from an 82-year-old passenger who grabbed them midflight, the aircraft’s charter company sa

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