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Young Saudis take to YouTube to learn and master new skills

Where did you learn this? This is a question people often raise when they see something interesting. In recent days we hear from people that YouTube has taught them wonderful things. Tahani Muhammad, for example, says she learned English and French thanks to this popular social medium.
Tahani’s friends and relatives were surprised to hear the fact that she mastered the two important world languages by following educational programs on YouTube. She was unable to complete secondary education because of family problems.
Tahani is one of the young Saudis who have great ambitions in their lives.
A lack of material capabilities has prevented them from reaching their educational and training goals. But many youths now use the Internet to get free education and training by logging into free educational courses. Some of these courses are offered by volunteers specialized in various fields as part of their social responsibility.
The majority of educational content available on YouTube is in English.
Because of financial deficiency many youths could not make use of educational and training courses offered by various institutions and they found YouTube as a big savior for them.
Mahmoud Noor is a brilliant photographer who learned the profession through the Internet. He used to interact with professional photographers around the world to learn from them “Courses offered on YouTube are much better than those provided by some institutions as they helps us learn things quickly,” he said. Layan, 26, said she learned beautification especially hairstyle and makeup from YouTube after her family prevented her from joining a training center to learn the profession. “I learned the art step by step from YouTube and now I can do the job perfectly. This has helped me to earn a living for me and my family.”
There are a variety of educational programs on YouTube. People can learn different languages including French, Arabic and Spanish. There are courses in electronic marketing, smart marketing, customer service, autoCAD, Photoshop, cooking, painting, dance and using various musical instruments.
The number of daily YouTube users in the Kingdom has increased from 90 million to 190 million in 2012, according to Abdul Rahman Tarabzoni, director of Google in the Arab region. It is expected that the number would further increase to one billion next year.