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Zain KSA offers Multi-SIM service

Zain KSA has launched the Multi-SIM service for Mazaya postpaid packages (Elite, Premium, Smart) customers, which enable new and existing subscribers to get one to three secondary SIMs on their main number.
The company said that the service allows Mazaya subscribers to obtain additional SIMs on each number, to enjoy using data and sending SMSes from their monthly free allowance, through the secondary SIMs on up to four devices at the same time.
The company indicated that the launching of the new service comes as part of its striving to step up with customer service and to provide them with all-new in the world of telecommunications and IT, with Mazaya postpaid packages, which is considered one of the best in the Kingdom by offering total and integrated communication solutions for subscribers.
Mazaya postpaid packages in addition to the free vanity number and the latest smart devices, offers its subscribers all the integrated and valuable services through providing them with a monthly incorporated package of voice call minutes, SMS, and data, in order to allow them to communicate significantly using all services offered to them.

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