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Tehran seeks to ‘divide the world,’ says Saudi Arabia’s Adel Al-Jubeir

  • Saudi-led investigations so far show that Iranian weapons were used, attack came from the north
  • Kingdom consulting with allies to "take necessary steps"


Saudi Aramco has emerged from attacks ‘stronger than ever’: CEO

  • The September 14 attacks on the Abqaiq and Khurais plants caused raging fires and significant damage
  • Aramco already brought back part of the lost production and will return to pre-attacks level end of September
By Reuters ·


Small but rare protests in Egypt after online call for dissent

  • The Muslim Brotherhood’s organized campaign against Egypt and its stability has failed miserably: UAE’s Gargash
  • Protests have become very rare in Egypt following a broad crackdown on dissent
By Reuters ·


Clean sweep: Marine waste targeted in Red Sea tourism program

  • Debris major cause of death for marine life
  • Disintegration of plastic waste threaten human food resources
By SPA ·


Why Saudi Arabia and Middle East must plan for Alzheimer's care challenge

  • World Alzheimer's Month is marked every September to raise awareness and challenge stigma
  • Experts say misconceptions about dementia in Saudi Arabia and wider region must be challenged
By Jennifer Bell ·

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Destiny’s child: Philippines’ Robredo refuses to rule out presidency just yet

  • In an exclusive interview with Arab News, the vice president talks about her frosty relationship with Duterte and the need to ensure OFW rights

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Ghani says truce is key for peace in Afghanistan

By Sayed Salahuddin ·


Two crucial states go to the polls in India

By Sanjay Kumar ·

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INTERVIEW: Nuclear war and peace — The view from Tokyo

  • Nobuo Tanaka, former executive director of the international Energy Agency, says the confrontation with Iran has complicated Saudi Arabia's ambitions in peaceful development of nuclear energy
By Frank Kane ·


Turkey tries Bloomberg reporters, accused of economic sabotage

  • They were among dozens of defendants, including some who had simply written jokes about the currency crisis on Twitter
  • Conspiracy theories are widely believed in Turkey
By Arab News ·