Trump leaves Turkey and Syria ‘to argue it out’, defends US pullout

  • The forces were fighting alongside each other in Ain Issa town against Turkish soldiers
  • A monitor says two Syrian soldiers died in shelling by former rebels paid and equipped by Ankara
By Reuters ·

Security Council warns of ‘risk of dispersion’ of Syria extremists

  • All 15 Council members including Russia agreed on the danger of Daesh regrouping
By AFP ·

Tolerance key to promoting inclusive society: EU envoy

  • Intellectuals, diplomats discuss challenge of blending cultures, faiths and values
By Lojien Ben Gassem and Mohammed Al-Kinani ·

Archaeologist Zahi Hawass: ‘There isn’t a country that doesn’t love Egyptian archaeology’

  • With only 30 percent of Egyptian monuments discovered, there is no rush to pursue the remaining 70 percent which remain hidden underground, says Hawass

Huawei's third-quarter revenue jumps 27% as smartphone sales surge

  • American companies, significantly disrupting its ability to source key parts
  • Huawei was all but banned by the United States in May from doing business with American companies
By Reuters ·