35 expat pilgrims die in bus crash in Saudi Arabia

  • Bus was carrying Asian and Arab expats
  • The injured were transferred to Al-Hamna Hospital
By Arab News ·

Iran-backed militias deployed snipers during Iraq protests

  • Militia men clad in black allegedly shot protesters on the third day of unrest
  • Iran’s role in responding to the demonstrations was another reminder of Tehran’s reach in Iraq
By Reuters ·

Security Council warns of ‘risk of dispersion’ of Syria extremists

  • All 15 Council members including Russia agreed on the danger of Daesh regrouping
By AFP ·

Tolerance key to promoting inclusive society: EU envoy

By Lojien Ben Gassem and Mohammed Al-Kinani ·

Abu Dhabi launches first graduate level research-based AI university internationally

  • Registration will open in August 2020
  • PwC expects AI to contribute $16 trillion to the global economy by 2030
By Arab News ·

Climate-change protesters disrupt London rail services

  • The videos show commuters dragging activists off the tops of trains
By Reuters ·

Huawei’s third-quarter revenue jumps 27% as smartphone sales surge

  • American companies, significantly disrupting its ability to source key parts
  • Huawei was all but banned by the United States in May from doing business with American companies
By Reuters ·

Trump Twitter photo attack backfires as Pelosi owns it

  • Trump's Pelosi tweet has being used as a celebration of the Speaker
  • Celebrities who have rebuked the president for the tweet have included Mia Farrow
By AFP ·