US court orders Iran to pay $879 million to 1996 Khobar bombing survivors

  • The court ruled that the Iranian government directed and provided material for the attack
  • The Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia were housing US forces when it was bombed in 1996
By Arab News ·

Saudi Arabia announces 51 more deaths from COVID-19

  • The total number of recoveries in the Kingdom has increased to 163,026
  • A total of 2,151 people have succumbed to the virus in the Kingdom so far
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Egypt carries out military drill near Libya border

  • The Egyptian Army carried out a military drill near the Libyan border called “Hasm 2020”
  • The drill came a day after the Turkish naval forces announced that they will carry out military exercises off the Libyan coast
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Saudi king, crown prince send condolences to UAE leaders on Sharjah official’s passing

  • Sheikh Al Qasimi, deputy ruler of the emirate of Sharjah, died in London on Thursday
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Lebanon ex-PM Hariri murder tribunal to give verdict August 7

  • Hariri, who was Lebanon's Sunni Muslim prime minister until his resignation in 2004, was killed in 2005
  • The alleged mastermind, a Hezbollah commander, was indicted by the court but is now believed to be dead
By AFP ·

Ethiopia says suspects confessed to killing popular singer

  • Hachala Hundessa became a symbol of the Oromo struggle during years of anti-government protests that swept Abiy to power in 2018
  • Though Abiy is Ethiopia’s first Oromo head of state, Oromo nationalists accuse him of insufficiently championing their interests since taking office
By AFP ·

Conflict-hit Libya to restart oil operations but with low output

  • There is significant damage to the reservoirs and infrastructure
  • A first cargo of 650,000 barrels will be shipped by the Kriti Bastion Aframax tanker
By Reuters ·

Dakar Saudi Arabia 2021 participants to benefit from wide range of incentives

  • Competitors will benefit from a 50 percent discount on registration fees and free fuel throughout the race
  • Dakar Saudi Arabia 2021 will see the debut of Dakar Classic, a new category for vehicles that were designed before 2000 and previously competed in Dakar
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MBC exec Johannes Larcher appointed head of HBO Max International

  • He will join the business in August and oversee the global rollout of the new streaming service
  • In addition to the experience he gained at MBC, Larcher has worked for Yahoo, Hulu and Lionsgate International
By Zaira Lakhpatwala ·

Depp says wife-beating claim made him ‘Quasimodo’

  • The High Court trial revolves around a 2018 headline in The Sun asking how JK Rowling could be happy casting ‘wife-beater’ Depp in a ‘Fantastic Beasts’ film
  • Johnny Depp: ‘I went from Cinderella into Quasimodo in 0.6 seconds and I was without a voice’
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