Lebanese MPs meet for first time since blast, government resignation

  • Senior US official David Hale is expected in Beirut later on Thursday to stress the urgent need for financial and governance reformsman
  • Some 30-40 people are still missing more than a week after the blast
By Reuters ·

Saudi Arabia calls for extending arms embargo on Iran

  • Saudi Arabia called for international measures to halt Iran’s activities that cause instability in the Middle East
  • Iran finances armed militias in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon without regard to international charters
By Arab News ·

US military accuses Iranian forces of boarding Liberian-flagged civilian ship

By Reuters ·

Saudi Arabia announces 34 more deaths from COVID-19

  • The total number of recoveries in the Kingdom has increased to 260,393
  • A total of 3,303 people have succumbed to the virus in the Kingdom so far
By Arab News ·

Iraq reports 24-hour virus toll record of over 3,800

  • The novel coronavirus has brought Iraq’s fragile economy to its knees
  • It made Iraq one of the worst hit countries in the Middle East, but still far behind neighboring Iran
By AFP ·

Priest who shared stage with Modi tests positive; India sees record number of cases

  • Nritya Gopal Das, an 82-year-old Hindu priest, was the latest public figure to test positive
  • Television footage showed Modi holding Das’ hands and bowing before him
By Reuters ·

Turkey on brink of recession as economy collapses

  • Consumer debt has increased by 25 percent to more than $100 billion in the past three months
By Arab News ·

Atletico catching all the breaks in Champions League

  • A victory against Leipzig will put Atletico back in the semifinals for the first time since 2017
By AP ·

Facebook donates $2.1 million to support Lebanon

  • Managing Director Facebook MENA Ramez Shehadi: We are donating more than $2.1 million to local hospitals, medical institutions and NGOs
  • Ramez Shehadi: We’re working with hospitals and local partners to launch local access to our blood donation tool — allowing donors to find nearby blood donation centers in need of support
By Zaira Lakhpatwala ·