Saudi Aramco attack drone components linked to Iran and Houthis in Yemen

  • Report: Iranian components make militia’s attacks more lethal
  • Research found matching components either originated in Iran or are linked to Tehran supply network
By Charlie Peters ·

Pompeo in Saudi Arabia for talks on Iran

  • Pompeo will hold talks with King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as well as Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan
  • After Riyadh, he will fly to Oman to meet the new sultan, Haitham bin Tariq, on Friday
By Arab News ·

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At least 8 people killed in shooting incident in German city of Hanau - local media

By Reuters ·


Government forces foil two Houthi attacks in Hodeida

By Saeed Al-Batati ·


Idlib operation ‘imminent’: Erdogan


Snap happy: Every face tells a story for Saudi photographer

  • “There is something majestic about people’s faces, their expressions,” says Abdullah Al-Joghiman
By Hala Tashkandi ·

Smart Cities: Case studies from the UK and GCC



Government forces foil two Houthi attacks in Hodeida

  • Government forces responded with heavy shelling
  • Three loyalists were killed and several others were injured in the fighting
By Saeed Al-Batati ·

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What shapes the Middle East’s migration patterns



Panic grips Kashmir after internet crackdown

  • Authorities use UAPA charges against those ‘misusing’ social media
By Sanjay Kumar ·

Oil up on slowing pace of coronavirus, Venezuela sanctions

  • Financial analysts say epidemic is likely to deal a ‘short-term blow’ to global economy
By Reuters ·

Runners step back in time on AlUla’s historic trails

  • Top-ranked athletes came from Saudi Arabia, the US and the Netherlands
By Arab News ·

China revokes three Wall Street Journal press cards over ‘Sick Man’ headline

  • Wall Street Journal op-ed had a ‘racially discriminatory’ and ‘sensational’ headline
By AFP ·