Lebanon PM says new cabinet faces ‘catastrophe’

  • Diab vowed to meet demands from the street but demonstrators were unconvinced
  • He said the government just unveiled was a technocratic one
By AFP ·

‘Absolutely silly’: Saudi FM refutes Amazon’s Bezos phone hacking claims

  • Foreign minister said claims were "absurd"
  • Prince Faisal's tweet called for an investigation into the claims
By Arab News ·


EXCLUSIVE: Meet Dalia Al-Aqidi, the Republican Iraqi refugee seeking to unseat Ilhan Omar 

  • Dalia Al-Aqidi is challenging the controversial Democrat in November elections
  • Al-Aqidi says people are fed up with Omar's anti-Semitism and hateful rhetoric


British MPs urge UK government to recognize Palestine


Saudi Cabinet voices support for the territorial sovereignty of Cyprus

  • Kingdom calls for security to be maintained in the region
By SPA ·

South Korea to deploy anti-piracy unit to the Strait of Hormuz

  • South Korea will not officially be joining a coalition of forces known as the International Maritime Security Construct
By Reuters ·

Aramco international listing ‘still on the cards’: Saudi finance minister

  • The minister said that he was “very confident” that the Saudi economy was picking up speed
  • He said that international investors had responded positively to ongoing reforms in the Kingdom
By Arab News ·

Iran teams’ AFC Champions League matches moved to UAE

  • Tensions were raised earlier this month by the killing of an Iranian army general by a US drone strike in Iraq
  • The Iranian teams will play against Bahrain and Kuwait
By AFP ·

Google CEO calls for regulation of artificial intelligence

  • Sundar Pichai’s comments come as lawmakers and governments seriously consider putting limits on how artificial intelligence is used
  • Pichai’s comments suggest the company may be hoping to head off a broad-based crackdown by the EU on the technology
By AP ·