Macron accuses Lebanon leaders of betrayal over government failure

  • Lebanon's premier-designate Mustapha Adib stepped down on Saturday
  • French president also sent pointed warning to Iran-backed Shiite group Hezbollah
By AFP ·


Yemen warring sides agree to exchange 1,081 prisoners

  • The Houthis will release 400 prisoners while the Yemeni government will free 681 Houthi fighters in the first exchange
  • If agreed, the second group of the prisoner swap will include President Hadi’s brother


Jordan’s monarch dissolves parliament in preparation for November election

  • In July, Jordan's electoral commission set Nov. 10 as the date for parliamentary elections
  • Under constitutional rules, the government must now resign within a week
By Reuters ·

Technical glitches on Absher prevent exempt Saudis from traveling abroad

  • On Sept. 13, the Saudi government issued a list of categories of people permitted to travel outside of the Kingdom
  • However, only a few days after the announcement, many students, patients and other exempted residents were unable to apply due to a technical fault on Absher
By Arab News ·

Jordan reopens trade gateway with Syria after month-long COVID closure

  • Authorities imposed back-to-back handling of goods
  • The closure hit trade that had already shrunk because of the impact of COVID-19
By Reuters ·


India’s croon jewel: Lata Mangeshkar on turning 91 and acing the Twitter game

  • Legendary singer speaks to Arab News about her career spanning 75 years and a life that has ‘given her much to be grateful for’
By Subhash K Jha ·

Qatar Airways reports $1.92 billion loss amid coronavirus crisis

  • Airline also disclosed it had received a $2 billion advance from its owner, the Qatari government
By Reuters ·